Happy Clients

The Life Coaching session was extraordinarily useful and really got me thinking. In one session I went from ‘stuck’ to ‘motivated’. The session was geared towards my needs as an actor and as an individual and moved me forward in a positive and insightful way. I highly recommend Bea Grist as a very understanding and highly skilled life coach.
— CB, Actor (London, UK)

Jessica Bird | Freelance Director and Producer
San Francisco, USA

"From my first coaching session, I immediately felt connected to and safe with Bea which allowed me to be vulnerable and explore hard questions about what I truly desire in my professional life. She has helped me give voice to my life values and continues to guide me in taking concrete actions in my career towards living a more connected and fulfilled life based on these values. She allows space and support for asking hard questions and never judges when I struggle to find my footing but rather challenges me to discover why I am struggling and reflects truth back to me from my own words. I would highly recommend Bea to anyone that wants to go deeper to discover their authentic selves."


Sigourney Quartey | Producer
Sydney, Australia

"Having Bea as my life coach has opened my mind to so many more positive perspectives on my life that I couldn’t previously see. She has been there every step of the way, whether she is celebrating and championing me, showering me with tough love or giving me space. Bea has made me believe I have always had the power to do it on my own, but together she has helped me take steps to begin transforming my life."


Annie Frere | Creative Workshop Facilitator
Bath, UK

"Bea is a wholehearted and very intuitive coach. Our sessions really helped me connect with my true purpose. She supported me to get clear with my vision and move me towards the fulfilment I was seeking. Bea’s coaching style was fun and creative. I loved the challenge and accountability she brought to our sessions as I really needed that to move forward with areas I’d really been stuck with. I’d highly recommend coaching with Bea."