Life Coaching for Performers

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In April 2018, I founded Semaphore to support the good mental health and wellbeing of people in the performing arts, in a profession that is by its very nature uncertain and sometimes unstable

The performing arts are highly competitive. Self-confidence and good mental health can be challenged by the lack of autonomy in the profession, the precarious nature and availability of meaningful and economically sustainable work, the judgement of others (from peers, audiences and loved ones), a high level of self-criticism and a heavy drinking culture.

At Semaphore, we offer affordable professional one-to-one life coaching for performers that supports both your personal and your professional wellbeing. 

Working with a Semaphore life coach will give you access to fresh perspectives and a stronger sense of choice, and enable you to bring more of your own creativity to the challenges and opportunities of life on and off the stage.

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