Frequently Asked Questions


Here are answers to the questions I am most frequently asked about working with me one-to-one.

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how do I know coaching is right for me?

I get asked this a lot! If you're committed to making changes in your life then coaching may be right for you. Coaching is focused on where you are now, what's next for you and how you want to evolve so that you can fulfil your true potential. Counselling or therapy tends to focus on where you've come from with an emphasis on healing and understanding.

how do I take the first steps to working with you?

Congratulations on choosing to focus time and energy on your own growth. Please contact me, then we can arrange to have a chat over the phone so that I can get an understanding of your needs and requirements. This will also give you the chance to ask questions, and for us both to test the chemistry between us to see whether we would be a good match.

if we decide to work together what happens next?

I will send you the relevant coaching agreement forms, along with a questionnaire for you to complete. The latter is designed to get you thinking about what you most need from our work together. We would then have an initial 'discovery' session (ideally done in person but can also be completed over the phone) where we will design how we will work together and how you want me to coach you, what you wish for in your life and what I am to hold for you as your vision.



what are your sessions like?

My theatrical background gives me a creative, playful and improvisational style that I use when clients feel stuck to help them see ‘outside the box’. Throughout our working relationship, the conversations will be direct and personal. You can count on me to be honest and straightforward, asking clarifying questions and making empowering requests. Everything that we explore will be kept in the strictest confidence. 

How much do you charge?

I charge £90 for the hour, and £135 for the initial discovery session. If you pay for the first set of six sessions up front, then I offer a discounted price of £550. The commitment then continues, by mutual agreement, in blocks of three or six sessions at the same rates. Some clients find that six to twelve sessions is enough, others want more time and more support. I offer a 20% discount for Spotlight and Equity members.

where can we meet?

If you would prefer to meet face-to-face then we could meet somewhere that has a particular significance or meaning to you. For example it could be in a park or garden, in front of a sculpture or artwork, or we have the option of using inspiring public venues, such the National Theatre and The Barbican Centre. I also have access to consulting rooms in Central London for those clients who prefer to meet in a more private space.